About Snehdhara

Welcome To Snehdhara

‘Snehdhara' Old Age Home is run by Srijan Foundation for the care of the elderly.

A major issue faced by the elderly people is their loneliness, where Snehdhara provides a family atmosphere for them.

Every member creating a group constitutes one family.

Snehdhara perpetually make efforts to root out the concept from the minds of people that not only those people who have been thrown out of their homes are allowed to join the old age homes but Snehdhara is open to even those elderly also comes who are not married, whose children have died spontaneously or those whose children have gone to live abroad. Old age homes provide health safety to the elderly as well as facilitates being around\ with the people of similar age.

In order to create a busy environment for the elderly, the home industry of the elderly has also been started here. With the help of elders, incense sticks are prepared in Snehdhara.

Snehdhara does not take any government grant and it's been operational from last 5 years only with the immense public support.